When Just One Cup of Coffee Won’t Do

Some Days Require More Than Just One Cup Of Coffee!

Do you ever feel like that?  Like one cup of coffee just isn’t enough.  Sometimes it is just too cold, or you’re just too tired or you just feel like slowing down a little and relaxing.  Whatever the reason may be we have the perfect card for you today!  This week Donna really brought her creativity to the table and designed this most beautiful card full of rainbow-colored coffee cups!  This is why I love having other people on the team to combine our ideas and creative thoughts to bring you inspiration that you can use in your crafting projects!

If you are anything like I was, you are looking for great ideas that you can then take and put your own spin on it and make it yours.  As a crafter I would never claim to be a very creative person, but I can certainly use others ideas to give me inspiration to do something myself and that is what I was really looking for.  I wanted to make my own projects, give handmade items to show people just how much I cared about them.  Sometimes I wanted to be that superwoman that had all the cool decorations for a party or for kid’s school things.  While I couldn’t really afford to pay someone else to do it for me, I also didn’t have the talent to hand design cakes or cookies and the such….if you’re ever feeling like this, check out my “cookie creation” below!  You’ll be amazed at how simple this can be when you use a stamped image!

…but first, Coffee!

Dream In Color Stamp Company - Coffee Cup Stamp
…but first coffee!


  • Coffee Cup Stamp – Dream In Color Stamp Company
  • …but first, coffee! sentiment stamp – Dream In Color Stamp Company
  • Tombow Marker
  • Patterned Paper
  • White Embossing Powder
  • White Signs Pen
  • Colored Markers

How-To Steps:

  1. I’ve coloured the cups in rainbow order
  2. Then I fussy cut them out
  3. Next, I ran a Tombow marker around the outside to define the edges
  4. I layered then on some pretty wood-grain paper
  5. I cut a small banner shape from the paper and stamped the sentiment and White embossing powder and set it with heat.
  6. Finally, I’ve drawn on some faux stitching with a white signs pen.

As you can see, it is very easy to make and such a great card to give to a friend or co-worker that you know enjoys her coffee!

Happy Spring Cookies!

I thought I would try something a little different this week. It took some extra time with getting the frosting right and to set up for 24 hours, but I think it was worth the wait.  Just remember you will need to make and frost your cookies and let the frosting set for at least 24 hours before stamping them. And yes, I did try to do it sooner, and the frosting was too soft and the stamp made an impression…so do wait the full 24 hour lol!

Dream In Color Stamp Company - Turtle Stamp
Happy Spring

I used a royal icing recipe from Julie Usher, Sugar Artist and Instructor; Owner/Founder, Recipes for a Sweet Life and Cookie Connection

  • 2 cups of Powdered Sugar
  • 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar
  • 5 Egg Whites

If you go onto Julia’s YouTube video you will find more details on how to frost the cookie. She shows how to make a border and then flood the middle.  This is so that the frosting is nice and smooth to the finish (YouTube channel).

Once my frosted cookies were set and ready, I used some of the gel food coloring. I bought the Wilton brand at Michael’s and added some mint flavoring.  Then, I used a sponge tip applicator to apply the colored gel to the stamp.  I recommend not using a block, lightly pressing all around on the stamp and get a good impression onto the cookie.  I had a few that were not perfect so make sure you have extras so that you can get a good clean batch of printed cookies! For cleanup you can use a very fine (unused) paint brush to touch up any missing spots on the cookie.  I hope you have fun with this and just think of what beautiful cookies you can make for Easter!!

Disclaimer: (Hobby stamps aren’t food-grade though, so I tell people to proceed at their own risk. Personally, I don’t have an issue with using them, as I sanitize stamps before use, but this is JUST MY OPINION. When I searched online for any known issues of contamination or poisoning from use of craft stamps on food, I found nothing.)

Remember To Always Dream In Color!