Hey There, So Happy To Meet You!

Who is Dream In Color Stamps you ask?  Well, it’s a funny story about following a dream the life I’ve always dreamed of but never thought could really be mine.  I was raised to believe that in order to have the things I wanted in life I had to work very very hard and so, I did!  Yep, got a degree in Finance and an MBA and I went to work for BIG companies. Like most women I was called many titles and names, like wife, mom, co-worker, manager, boss and the list goes on (and not all so nice). But my favorite is just Denise! I’ve worked in the corporate finance world for most of my adult life and up until three years ago, I considered it to be my life’s passion.  Due to downsizing at work I found myself looking for new passions and have spent the last few years just enjoying my life and doing things that I never had the time for.

While I do love making cards and coloring and creating, I also love business (I better after all the work to get that MBA- working full-time and a mother to two children!), so why not turn this little hobby of mine into a business I thought?  I love number crunching, spreadsheets, and everything involved with running a business so that’s when I started doing my research (gotta love writing a business plan right?) and realized that I CAN do this!

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After doing my research and due diligence, I decided to start my own stamp making company. But my stamp company is different you see, with simple designs of everyday items that make life so unique and beautiful.  It is about learning to love your life exactly as it is and make everyday the BEST DAY EVER!

Extraordinary and beautiful do not have to be outrageously expense or just for the elite.  Take a sunset for example, these can be absolutely breath-taking and it doesn’t cost a cent to see it!  Or how about the excitement of a little kid flying a kite, riding a bike or playing with a hula hoop that first time they really get it! Priceless right?  Well, that’s the feeling I’m striving for with this little business of mine.  You see, my goal here is to give you back that sense of wonder and excitement with each and every stamp.  I want you to take them out and play with them, making something new and different and fabulous every single time. I want you to get excited when the package arrives at the doors, so much so that you can’t stop smiling and can’t get dinner on the table fast enough so you can go play!

Dreams can be wonderous and amazing and everything you ever wanted.  They are truly magical, and then again everyone dreams every day, so they are also really quite ordinary.  It is what YOU do with your dreams however, that can make them extraordinary!  Just think of Walt Disney and how one man’s dreams changed the world.  Now I’m not saying our stamps are going to make life magical or change the world…but then again, that’s all up to you!

Remember to Always Dream In Color! (because Dreams do come true!)