5 Easy Steps to Beautiful Cards With No Line Coloring

Another Awesome Card Idea For You!

Welcome back!  I am so happy to see you today!  Not only because it’s my birthday (which is an awesome reason to celebrate!)… but because I am excited to share with you exactly how No Line Coloring works!  It’s a super easy stamping technique that you are going to love because it’s so natural looking and makes your images look like artwork!

You can use this No Line Colorlng technique for a lot of different coloring mediums such as watercolors, alcohol markers, colored pencils and watercolor markers.  Now, the basic premise is to stamp in a very light-colored ink so that as you begin to color the image the lines will disappear – making the image really look more like hand drawn art.  How cool is that!  Can I tell you that if you are like me and can barely draw a stick figure, then this is totally cool!  So this week Donna used this technique with her Copic Alcohol markers and the cute little Watering Can Stamp.

New Card Idea: No Line Coloring Technique

Dream In Color Stamp Company - Watering Can Stamp
Thinking of you…

Of course you must be mindful of the type of ink you are going to use, so that it works with the coloring medium. (eg. alcohol markers – use Momento ink, Distressed inks with watercolors.  Archival Ink-but it must be stamped off 3-4 times when using black so that it ends up a very light grey).  **Great Tip:  Stamp your image in black in on a piece of scrap paper to use as a guide as you are doing your coloring so that you can see where the lines are supposed to be.  Now on to the 5 simple steps…

  1. The first thing is to use a light ink (such as Memento Angel Pink or Distressed Antique Linen), and stamp the image onto your cardstock.
  2. Next you will start coloring with your lightest shades first as these will later become the shadows and darker areas. First though you need to lay down a base of color to see where the shadows will be.
  3. After you lay out your base then move on to darker colors and bring the color on in to the middle of the area you are working on in the image.  Darken the edges where the lines were and any place where a shadow should be. Keep in mind where your light source is coming from and where you want your highlights, as this area will be colored very lightly or not at all.
  4. Next add color to some of the details adding depth and help your image take shape and begin to come to life.  You can color eyes, or anything that sparkles or other areas of interest.  Continue to add color and deepen the shadows on all areas of the image and in the detailed areas.
  5. Finally, continue moving around and coloring your image with your light source in mind. This way your highlights and shadows will be consistent with a single light source.

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I used watercolor markers for my image, once it was complete, I chose to re-stamp the image in black for more definition in some areas, so it was No Lines, then I added back lines…lol!  Sometimes, things just need more TLC to make you happy!  Remember, you’re the boss, and creativity has no right or wrong so make something you love!  *(Coupon excludes Stamp of the Month Club)

And that is it!  Easy as pie, I told you so!  And now it’s time for you to take this simple card idea and go create something spectacular!

Remember To Always Dream In Color!